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Taboola Campaign Duplication: Campaign duplicated after API returned 401 unauthorized

We are using the backstage api to create campaigns via duplication. We faced an instance where Taboola returned 401 Unauthorized for a request but still created the campaign at their end. It was thankfully detected but this is a very dangerous situation. Allowing campaigns to be created after returning FAILED status to end user can cause spends to be incurred. Please investigate and fix the issue on priority.

Logs (Timestamps are in UTC) :

2023-11-13 10:38:50.164 INFO 1 --- [l-15-thread-145] : --> POST<redacted_source_account>/campaigns/30114321/duplicate?destination_account=<redacted_destination_account> (182-byte body)
2023-11-13 10:39:17.769 INFO 1 --- [l-15-thread-145] : <-- 401 Unauthorized<redacted_source_account>/campaigns/30114321/duplicate?destination_account=<redacted_destination_account> (27605ms, unknown-length body)

The campaign was created and is present in <redacted_destination_account> with campaign Id :30298951

Details of these account, campaigns will be shared via private correspondence to our AccountManager