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Why do I cannot access campaign-report-by-campaign-daily end-point by API?

I'm trying get all reports by day from a specific user, but I'm getting:

http_status: 405,
message: 'Not allowed call detected: timeDiffMin=153722867280912, endpoint=/api/my_client_id_here/reports/campaign-report-by-campaign-daily,, ip=my_ip_address_here, ua=axios/1.6.0, signature=null, clientVersion=no data'.

How can I get access to this endpoint? Also has another way to getting all reports with all of campaigns by day?

Campaign Summary Report endpoint does not brings campaing_name and I need that.

Top Campaign Content Report endpoint brings just one campaign, I need all of campaigns from the client_id.

Also Realtime Campaign Report endpoint does not brings capaing_name.

How Can I get reports from all campaigns by user account filtering by date?