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API / Token not working | Network account problem settings

We've requested an account conversion from a single regular account to a Network account with two accounts inside. After we got them, we requested th new client id and secret token for each one of them (Network, account 1 and account 2) but only 2 of the 3 accounts work correctly. We checked everything on our side and it seems that the problem is with the setup of the Network account and account 1.

API / Token Doesn't Work for this account --> iPink 1 --> we have all the campaigns running here (setupdone by Taboola during the account change) but we don't get the data from here with the API beacuse it doesn't work.

API / Token Works Correctly for these two --> iPink - Network and iPink 2 --> But we are getting the data through the API from the Network account instead of iPink 1 account.

We need to fix this in order to have the Network account setup properly and be able to get the data from the API of account iPink 1 (advertiser account)