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I cannot get a report with multiple conversions

Hi Taboola team,

We have a campaign that links to a landing page. The landing page links then to multiple websites where conversions happen. To track these conversions, each destination page sends an S2S postback to Taboola.

For each destination page, we want to have a dedicated conversion rule. We do it to see how many conversions come from each destination page.

For testing purposes, I created two dedicated conversion rules. In the Taboola UI, we can see the conversions per conversion rule, which is what we want.

Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate it via the API. As far as I understand the documentation, we should use the include_multi_conversions=true parameter. However, it does not add the dynamic_fields field to the results set.

Here is the URL we use:{{ACCOUNT_ID}}/reports/campaign-summary/dimensions/campaign_hour_breakdown?start_date=2023-05-11&end_date=2023-05-12&include_multi_conversions=true&campaign={{CAMPAIGN_ID}}

Do you see any problem with the setup mentioned above? What is the proper way of achieving what we need? Thank you!