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Realtime API questions

Realtime API for previous days from the current day: In the dashboard when we select previous dates the Real-time filter automatically turns off. But the Real-time API (reports/realtime-top-campaign-content/dimensions/by_item) works fine for previous 4 days from the current day. I have added this point in the queries so that this can also be confirmed with Taboola Support.

Please find below the Queries I have regarding Taboola's Real-time API Integration,
Is there any way to get specific fields in {account-id}/campaigns?fetch_level=R API? For eg. If we require only tracking_code from the entire response.
Real-time reporting in Dashboard shows data according to America/New_York timezone. Is this the same while requesting data in API? Can this be changed?
Can the Realtime API be used to fetch data for previous days?
Can you please explain the reason behind the following delta? Please find attached logs where detailed request-response is logged.
For Ad (3567621651) on 06/05/2023 via API (reports/top-campaign-content/dimensions/item_breakdown) The spend is reported as 86.58.
For the same via real-time API (reports/realtime-top-campaign-content/dimensions/by_item) The spend is reported as 90.69.
Figures for visible_impressions and clicks also do not match.