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Campaigns learning state

Hi, vould you please help me sort out one issue?
On Taboola UI, I can see that [KK] Actors With Stunt Doubles 2022/08/24DEF_US_M+AND_Taboola_39955_8007037 campaign has the learning state is set to "Extended Learning". Two child ads has learning state set to "Learning Limited" and one ad - "Learning Complete".

At the same time, the Taboola API for the campaign returns the "LEARNING_LIMITED" value (and not "Extended Learning" as on the UI)
For all three ads, the API returns "learning_state": null

Could you please test this on your side and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

curl --location --request GET ''
--header 'Authorization: bearer {token}'

curl --location --request GET ''
--header 'Authorization: bearer {token}'