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Learning Mode


We have a lot of campaigns which continually move from Scaling/Running back into Learning mode even if there have been no item changes on the campaign.

I contact Taboola support regarding this on one specific campaign (20791086) and they advised the following:

"We have investigated the case and would like to inform you that, It looks like an automated task is checking the status of items or ads at some point, and changing the status of the campaign accordingly. However, it doesn't happen often. If this happens again please let us know and we'll check further."

I am unsure if they are referring to something connecting via API which may be causing this - we use the API to pull campaign level data into our own internal monitoring tool which are only read requests with the exception that we patch our account level blocklist with any new entries every hour or so - in reality there are hardly ever any updates to our account level blocklist. Could this be causing campaigns to be pushed back into learning mode?