API returns 200 OK, but contents are not being created on Taboola

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API returns 200 OK, but contents are not being created on Taboola

a few of our users are running into an issue recently when creating campaigns and contents via API.

What is happening is that even though our system is getting a 200 OK response, and also getting back the MD5 value for all uploaded images (which basically means that the contents have been created successfully), when looking at the campaign on Taboola dashboard some contents have not been created (sometimes none of the contents have been created).

Unfortunately it is not easy to reproduce it because it does not seem to be happening regularly, but what we noticed is that for the missing contents, we get only the image MD5 as a response after creation but not the image URL.
And when we try to access that image by replacing the MD% into your image cdn url, it says permission denied.
For example: https://cdn.taboola.com/libtrc/static/thumbnails/3bed5cd3dc88c900d92f3b8a7d495ed8.jpg

One example we were able to isolate from our logs is the one below:

campaign id: 20870526
content id: 3563247174
image md5: 3bed5cd3dc88c900d92f3b8a7d495ed8

We would really appreciate your input on this.

Hopefully the info above can help to debug the issue.