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Load item performance report, daily

Hey team, hope you are well.

We are planning to consume the API to get daily reports for every item of every campaign.

The strategy would be to set the timeframe between start_date and end_date to 1, and request for each item of every campaign.
From what I understood, would be necessary only one request per campaign, and the return would be the top 1000 ads with its performance of that day, correct? Or it would be necessary to run one request for each item inside the campaign?

For every connection we create, the requests would be done in sequential, but is possible to create multiple connections to run in parallel.
I didn't see any formal rate limits in the documentation

To load the historical data, this would require a lot from the API but after it, the daily sync would be more stable. It doesn't seem the API was optimized to this specific use case so i'm a little concerned about the reliability. I didn't see any formal rate limits in the documentation, so i don't know how the API would behave with this use case.

I'm sharing it with you to see if we would face any limit or reliability issue that I'm not seeing right now, or if you guys have a better way to structure the requests that could guarantee daily reports for every item of a campaign.

Thanks a lot,