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Granular Data Request

We were going through the API documents and it looks like the most granular data we can request is the "by_hour_of_day" dimension from the campaign summary dimensions endpoint.

Two questions related to this:

  • Is this the most granular data we can request? We would love to be able to access our costs and clicks at a finer time grain.
  • Is this the only way to get data at a finer grain than "by-day" for a "by-campaign-by-site" analysis? What we mean is that if we want to do a site-by-site analysis for a campaign running on 500 sites, we would have to ping the "by_hour_by_day" endpoint 500 times for a single campaign. Is there another way to get hourly (or even more granular) data at the "by-campaign-by-site" level?