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Tools for building and testing API integration

I'm currently researching the possibility of integrating Taboola Backstage, so that when changes happen in our account, we get some kind of event send to our internal Campaign Management system. To that end I want to ask if you have (or at least plan to have) any of the following:

  1. Webhooks that fire when Campaigns and Items are created/updated with info on what changed
  2. Some kind of account change event history that can be accessed from the API and provides the same info as the above
  3. Fields with the time of the Campaign's or Item's creation/last update, preferably one you can filter on through the API
  4. A way to all fetch Items in an account without having to make a separate API request for every Campaign. The UI has a screen like this, but the API seems to have no equivalent endpoint
  5. Some kind of Sandbox environment or a testing account, where we can experiment with creating mock Campaigns without risking them being seen by our customers or getting charged/banned for it