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Exclude site limitation

Hi Guys,

We are using a Rule tool (through the API) and it seems that it's having difficulties to exclude sites from campaigns that have a total exclusion of 1,500 sites from both account + campaign level. we do manage to exclude manually, however, the API getting an error. after discussing our Taboola AM, we understnad that we are limited with 1,500 (from the campaign level) + 1,500 (from the account level).

For example, on the below campaign we didn't reach our limitation and our API tool is getting error when it try to exclude any other site:
Campaign ID: 6436943
Campaign Name: Taboola_Bras_Mob_US_144181212_iOS_RON_TN
Blocked on Account Level: 1255
Blocked for this Campaign: 563

any suggestion what could be the problem when we are trying to exclude through API?

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