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Get All Campaigns Returns Empty List

I sent a GET request to "<account_id>/campaigns/" with my access_token in the header. I get the following response:

data: {
    results: [],
    metadata: { total: 0, count: 0, static_fields: [], static_total_fields: [] }

From this old github issue ( I found on the deprecated Backstage API docs ( says that:

Reading, creating or updating Campaigns is only possible when the [account-id] references an Account with ADVERTISER in its partner_types field. Trying to send a request with a non-Advertiser Account will result in a 404 Not Found response.

I checked, my<account_id> does not have "ADVERTISER" in its partner_types.

I did not see any mention of this issue regarding partner_types in the current documentation. Could anyone confirm if "ADVERTISER" really is required to access Campaigns? Thank you.