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Retroactively changing data

Hi everyone!
There’s the following note in API guide:
“It’s important to note that data in Taboola reports can (and will) change retroactively during the Taboola billing cycle.
This means that when fetching report data from Taboola for a data warehouse or BI solution, the data for the entire billing cycle (current calendar month + previous calendar month up to the 5th in any given month) should be periodically refreshed.”
Does it mean that if we update report data daily, then today (for example) we need to request data for the period 5th of Jan - today?

  1. There is a field “last_used_rawdata_update_time” in response. What does this value stand for? Does it indicate the date when the report was lastly updated? So if today we get a report with last_used_rawdata_update_time = 6th of Feb then we don’t need to update our DWH as nothing changed since this date?

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