`campaign_hour_breakdown` dimension

The Campaign Summary Report now supports a campaign_hour_breakdown dimension. This provides an hourly breakdown per campaign.


If the current date and time is 10/2/2021 14:45, you could use the following query to fetch the most recent 24 hours of available data:

GET /backstage/api/1.0/demo-account/reports/campaign-summary/dimensions/campaign_hour_breakdown?start_date=2021-10-01T13:00:00&end_date=2021-10-02T12:59:59


The report returns 1 row per campaign/date/hour in the reporting interval.



  1. Pass a date and time for the reporting interval. (The values passed should reflect the time zone of that account.)
  2. We recommend an interval of 24 hours or less (maximum = 48 hours).
  3. Hourly data is not available in real time. Allow 1 - 2 hours for data to become available.
  4. Hourly data is retained for 90 days.


See also

To fetch data by hour, aggregated for a given date range, use the by_hour_of_day dimension. You can optionally filter on a given campaign. See this announcement.


Default times

If you pass a date without a time (not recommended), the following defaults are applied:

  • start_date - default time is 00:00:00
  • end_date - default time is 23:59:59