Getting 400 in Native widget request
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Getting 400 in Native widget request

I am integrating Taboola native widget in my application in a list.
Every third item need to be the Taboola view

  1. I have created a TBLNativePage and TBLNativeUnit instances like this

Note - same properties are used in your sample

val properties = PlacementInfo.widgetProperties()
val nativeTaboolaPage = Taboola.getNativePage(properties.pageType, properties.pageUrl)

val requestData = TBLRequestData().setRecCount(1)
taboolaNativeUnit =,TaboolaAdProvider.publisherInfo, requestData,
object : TBLNativeListener() {
override fun onItemClick(
placementName: String?,
itemId: String?,
clickUrl: String?,
isOrganic: Boolean,
customData: String?
): Boolean {
println("Taboola | onItemClick | isOrganic = $isOrganic")
return super.onItemClick(placementName, itemId, clickUrl, isOrganic, customData)

  1. In ViewHolder I have fetched recommendation with this unit

taboolaNativeUnit.fetchRecommendations(object : TBLRecommendationRequestCallback {
override fun onRecommendationsFetched(recommendationsResponse: TBLRecommendationsResponse?) {
// add data to view

override fun onRecommendationsFailed(throwable: Throwable?) {
    // Getting 400 Bad Request here


But I am getting 400 error code in network request with message -
Problem accessing /apiHandler/1.2/json/sdk-tester-rnd/recommendations.multiple-get. Reason:
The source.type [article] is not supported


Please let me know what is missing here or where I am creating the wrong request.

Note. For same adapter Classing Widget (XML) is working fine