Installing the plugin

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The Taboola WordPress Plugin provides an easy and convenient way to integrate Taboola recommendations into your WordPress pages.


Taboola WordPress Plugin 2 supports the following placements:

  1. Below-article
  2. Mid-article
  3. Homepage (aka front page)
  4. Right-rail (aka sidebar)

    The sidebar widget is configured separately

Getting started

Taboola Account

To get started with the Taboola WordPress Plugin, you'll need a Taboola account.


Don't have a Taboola account? Contact us to get started.


During onboarding, Taboola will provide you with your publisher_id, as well as your Taboola placement details.

Once you receive the above details, follow the steps below.


For more information, contact your Taboola Account Manager or Taboola Support.

Installing Taboola WordPress Plugin 2 Beta

Download the v2 beta plugin

  1. Download to your local machine.


The .ZIP file contains the Taboola WordPress Plugin 2 Beta.

Keep it on hand for the installation below.


The instructions below are suitable for both first-time installations or upgrades.

Install the v2 beta plugin

In WordPress Admin:

  1. Select Plugins in the sidebar menu (left).
  2. Click on Add New (top), and then Upload Plugin (top).
  3. Click on Choose File (center).
    In the pop-up dialogue, browse for, and open it.
  4. Click on Install Now (center, right).
  5. If you are upgrading:
    A warning will appear:"This plugin is already installed.".
    Click on Replace current with uploaded (bottom, left).

  6. Else, if this is a new installation:
    Wait for the installation to complete with this message: "Plugin installed successfully".
    Click on Acivate Plugin (bottom, left).

  7. Select Taboola in the sidebar menu (left) to open your Taboola plugin settings.


  • When upgrading from v1, existing Taboola units and products are not affected.
  • You can roll back any time, and your settings from v1 will be preserved.

Rolling back to v1

Should you choose to roll back to v1 of the plug-in, follow the instructions below.

Remove the v2 plugin

  1. In WordPress Admin, select Plugins (left).
  2. Locate the Taboola plugin, and click on Deactivate, and then Delete.

    Deleting the plugin will not delete your Taboola plugin settings.
    They will be preserved for the next time that you install.

Install the v1 plugin

  1. In WordPress Admin, select Plugins (left).
  2. Click on Add New (top).
  3. In the search box provided (top, right) type in "Taboola" and tap Enter.
  4. Install and then activate the Taboola plugin.

What's Next?

  1. Manage your placements.


Need a hand?

Feel free to reach out on our Community Discussion page!