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New Android and iOS SDK version 2.5.0

We're happy to announce our new Android and iOS SDK latest version! - 2.5.0

We recommend our publishers to upgrade to this version when they can;

Android + iOS SDK:
New and organized error strings - per your request we're introducing new error strings that show up whenever Taboola is failing to serve items (very unlikely). The following strings will indicate a better explanation as to why an error occurred - NO_ITEMS , WRONG_PARAMS , RESPONSE_ERROR, TIMEOUT, UNKNOWN_ERROR. To avoid breaking any current integrations, you will have to opt in to this feature by activating a feature flag.

iOS SDK only:
For Feed via Native integrations (SDK Standard), we added a new method that gives back the scroll to the publisher app after a scroll switch happened. In iOS, the publisher can trigger a back-to-top gesture, usually, after orientation change, coming back from the background or after clicking an item. In these cases and others, when the user was scrolling through Taboola Feed, we faced a problem of giving back the scrolling to the publisher app. We are now adding a new method - "releaseScroll" that the publisher can use to get back the scrolling control.

SDK API is now using delegates instead of observers. This change improves the way we handle events and measurements when using the TBItem object

We also added the TBL prefix to the "CCPADataStorageUserDefaults" library to avoid a conflict with other 3rd parties CMP SDKs

We also fixed some minor bugs along the way

Android SDK only:
Until this version (2.5.0), Taboola SDK handled the situation of an error when fetching content. Instead of firing the OnGlobalNotificationsListener.taboolaDidFailAd we fired the taboolaDidReceiveAd together with the taboolaViewResized using height=0. We're now want to have the publishers handle this situation and collapse Taboola whenever there is no fill (again, very unlikely). To avoid breaking current integrations and messing up with the UI, a feature flag is in use to opt-in. Once activated, we will have taboolaDidFailAd fires, and then the publisher could hide Taboola accordingly.

We also fixed some errors that we tracked using our Android SDK GUEH

Android SDK upgrade link

iOS SDK upgrade link

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